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Riso Scotti S.p.A

A Family Affair

Riso Scotti remains a family company after 150 years in the rice business. The current chief executive represents the fifth generation of the Scotti family to run the company founded by Ercole Scotti in 1860. Today it is considered the leader in Italy in rice and rice based products.

The pillars of the Riso Scotti business are to blend the tradition and passion that comes from a family business with the quality of its raw materials and processes, product and technical innovation, and care for its people and the environment.

The business is based in Pavia, in the north west of Italy in the region of Lombardy, about forty kilometres south-west of Milan. The region between Pavia and Milan is, together with Vermicelli and Novara, an important rice cultivation area for Italy. 

The Factory

Riso Scotti plant is a large state of the art, high tech plant, adopting the most modern and efficient solutions in the industry. The real breakthrough is not just technological, albeit Riso Scotti uses the most advanced machines, but Riso Scotti's revolutionary approach to rice processing. Through strict quality and efficiency control of every production phase and a totally new production lay out, Riso Scotti is able to run a "zero waste" operation. The rice waste which is generated at every stage of the process is reused for maximum efficiency (mainly for petfood production, rice puffing or cleaned energy production) and total environment preservation.

Every step of the way, each and any production cycle waste becomes the key raw material for further processes. Hence, the outer shell of the grain is burnt in a unique power plant which generates energy. Similarly, the rice bran, the external portion of the grain, which is very rich in fat, is used for the production of Rice Bran Oil. In addition, the broken grains are puffed and are used as ingredients of other rice based products.

In an industry where waste amounts up to 40% of the raw rice used, this is an extraordinary achievement, and in addition, the logistic process is simplified and streamlined to the maximum possible extent by keeping the entire process under one roof.